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We are a small company delivering a service second to none, which is
competitive, efficient and informative, ensuring the relevant Health and Safety procedures are adhered to.

Our customer base includes National Electricity suppliers, water treatment companies, hotels, nursing homes, board manufacturers, plastic and glass moulding, food industry, pottery manufacturers, mechanical and plant installation companies.

Our main aim is to identify and control Legionella, which includes Legionnaires disease, Pontiac Fever, Lochgoilhead fever, among other problems such as Sick Building Syndrome.

The importance of Health and Safety in the workplace has steadily increased over the past 20 years.

Risk Assessment in the workplace is now a legal requirement.

Water Systems
Legionella risk assessment.
Disinfections to HS(g)70/BS6700, ACoP L8.
Cleaning and refurbishment of water storage tanks and cooling towers.
Byelaw 30 CWS tank upgrade.
Descale of boilers, plate heat exchangers etc.
Chemical flush of new installations to remove residual debris.

Ventilation Systems
Cleaning and disinfection of ductwork and air handling units (AHUs).

Hygiene Monitoring
Routine sampling with analysis to water and air systems.
Air quality monitoring specifically for gases released in the workplace, by
   office equipment, work procedures, products etc.
Dust monitoring in the workplace.
Reports with photographic evidence.

Supply and Installation
Water softeners

Non-chemical water conditioners
Reverse osmosis
Ultra violet and filtration units

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