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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is bacteria a problem in my water system?

A This depends on your individual requirements, it may be necessary to install Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet or automated chemical dosing, or simply apply a more diligent hygiene regime. Hence the requirement for specialist advice.

Q What about corrosion in our system?

A Corrosion detection and control is now something that with a moderate amount of effort, the smooth running of your plant may be maintained.

Q Why are water temperatures so important to control bacteria?

A Proliferation of bacteria may occur between the temperatures of 20˚C & 46˚C
Stored hot water should be at 60˚C, ensuring any secondary circulation is above 50˚C, and maintain this temperature at all hot outlets where there is a risk of scalding for the infirm or very young, a blending valve should be fitted at source, providing a maximum temperature of 43˚C.

Q What are the current legionella regulations?

A Approved Code of Practice L 8 was published in January 2001, a copy may be obtained from HSE books PO Box 1999 Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2WA. Alternatively telephone 01787 881165. Fax number 01787 313995.

Q My cold water storage tank has sediment and bio-film in it, what should we do?

A HSE state that inspection of the water tanks should be carried out bi-annually with a clean and disinfection if required annually, our experience tells us that over the period of twelve months the tanks will require a service, in addition where nutrients such as sediment and iron oxide are present, proliferation of bacteria is likely to occur.

Q We want our water system disinfected but don’t wish to disturb our production or customers?

A There are methods in place, including improved chemicals available to provide this service

Q Are we required to have a legionella risk assessment in the `workplace?

A In short yes! HSE call for the following. Identify and assess the sources of risk.

Whatever the problem with concerns to water and air hygiene Airstream can assist with your need

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